At Casa Fage we specialize in finishing bronze sculptures through the manual technique called "patina" . For resin sculptures we even offer different finishes that resemble bronze or marble using different techniques and special materials.

The patina is a chemical reaction on a certain metal that remains active over time. Depending on the product, different colors are obtained and these can be natural or artificial, hot or cold.

Apart from the color and aesthetics that the patina provides to a bronze, it constitutes a valuable source of historical information of great importance when carrying out maintenance or restoration work, it helps to determine the aesthetic taste of the time when the work was created. , the elements that affected it, the behavior of the material over time and also gives it protection, this because with it the metal achieves stability with the environment.

It is important to indicate that the patina changes over time because it is a chemical reaction that is affected by natural elements such as water, the sun, hand grease, bird feces, dust, among others, which is why it is It is advisable to give it adequate maintenance, especially if the work is located outdoors.

The colors that can be achieved range from the traditional brown and black, to white or green in different shades with smooth or speckled details. The combinations are endless and as it is a handmade process, there will never be two exactly the same patinas, even if they are done on the same day and with the same materials.

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