The mold is a piece or set of hollow pieces that copy the details of an object to make exact replicas of it.

At Casa Fage, the molds we create are made up of two parts: the flexible mold and the counter-mold. The flexible mold is made of silicone and is in charge of copying all the details of the original object. The counter mold is responsible for giving stability to the flexible mold, allowing it to maintain the original shape.

The molds are used to obtain replicas of resin, wax (casting process), plaster or concrete. Its useful life depends on the handling that is given to it as well as the materials that are used and it is possible to obtain approximately 10 to 20 replicas per mold.

The manufacture of the mold is quoted separately from the casting process or resin sculptures and once the work is finished it is delivered to the client along with all the basic handling recommendations.

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