Artistic Bronze Foundry

We use the ancient casting technique called "lost wax" which consists of obtaining bronze objects through a ceramic mold, which we call "ceramic shell", this mold is made from an original beeswax or microcrystalline wax. To this original it is necessary to install the casting system which works as a drainage system through which the wax will come out and the molten bronze will enter.
To make the "ceramic shell" we apply a series of layers of refractory ceramic and silica sand until the desired thickness is obtained. We then place the mold in the furnace which melts the wax (lost wax) leaving a hollow mold where the molten bronze will be poured. Once the "ceramic shell" with the bronze work inside is poured and cools, we proceed to break the ceramic to reveal the bronze. Once the work is clean, we cut the casting system and work on details such as textures and imperfections, finally we prepare the surface to apply the patina and protective wax as final finishes.

Each project that comes to Casa Fage includes:

Modeling , if necessary
Mold from an original
Faithful copy of wax and casting system
Creation of the ceramic shell
Dewaxing "lost wax"
bronze casting
Assembly and retouching of final details
system for installation
patina application
Protective wax application

The minimum production time is one month, but this varies with each project due to its complexity, dimensions and final finish.

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