Maintenance and Restoration

The maintenance of sculptures is carried out to prevent further damage in the future and preserve them, and restoration , on the other hand, is the process required in cases of damage already present in the sculptures in order to recover the original image, taking into account its history and stylistic elements of origin without incurring in an ethical breach.

Each work requires a detailed investigation and analysis before carrying out any maintenance or restoration work. Data such as the artist, date of creation, history, value, technique, place where it has been exhibited, original finishes, previous interventions or maintenance that have been carried out, define the work to be carried out, the elements to be eliminated or reincorporated for the structural, aesthetic and historical well-being of the work. It is of great importance to work hand in hand with the artist or person responsible for the work, so that this allows the best decision to be made, considering all the aforementioned data.

The time and costs vary in each process and according to the work required. In the case of the maintenance process of a sculpture, it is generally carried out quickly and could last hours or days. In relation to the restoration process, it could be more extensive and take weeks or months.

The truth is that both are essential and necessary for the proper preservation of the works. This is why at Casa Fage we are fully available and we have the expertise required to meet the requests of our clients in this line.

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