artistic legacy

Anthony M. Fage (1954 - 2018) Canadian artist who founded Casa Fage more than 30 years ago with the support of his wife Anabelle Hay López. They both began to build this dream in a small horse stable located on their property, a place that gradually grew and transformed into the wonderful foundry and creation workshop that it is today.

At first, "Tony" used the sand casting technique and designed masks that he later sold together with Anabelle in tourist areas of the country. Later, seeking to work more complex works, he began to experiment and work with the casting technique called "lost wax" , achieving in the year 2000 from his specialization, casting works as recognized and monumental as "La Chola" by the national sculptor Manuel Vargas, which is located on Central Avenue in San José, Costa Rica.

This is how Sarah , Gregory and Dustin , the children of the Fage Hay family, grew up together with the magical history of the foundry, playing from a very young age among clay and sculptures and breathing art in every corner. In this way, they learned the complex casting process and ended up sharing the same passion as "Tony", a sincere love for art and valuable knowledge that added to the evolution of Casa Fage, based on their own style and artistic seal. .

As of 2018, the Casa Fage project is led by Anabelle together with Sarah, Gregory and Dustin, who are currently beginning to establish themselves as artists in disciplines such as painting, sculpture and writing, with greater enthusiasm and creative force every day.

What started only as a dream, today has become the Casa Fage brand, an artistic concept with a variety of services and products of the highest level and artistic quality possible.