Modeling consists of the manual artistic technique where a real object is created from a concept, image or photograph. Different materials can be used such as clay, wax, plasticine, among others. And the objects that can be created are endless.

One of its main uses is for the modeling of busts, in this case an investigation of the person to be modeled is carried out, such as collecting photographs, defining the age, as well as the size and the artist who is going to do it. As the first phase of the modeling, a sketch is made and later a scale model of the work to be carried out, which, once approved by the client, begins the modeling of the work in its real size. The duration of the project is variable depending on the size and complexity of the work.

At the end of the process, the client obtains two equal works of different sizes (scale model and final work), being able to use the model for awards, tributes, donations or presents in honor of the person or object to be modeled.

Modeling projects are currently being handled by national artist Gregory Fage .

Each project that comes to Casa Fage includes:

Sketch of the work according to information and details provided by the client
Modeling of model and final work
Mold of the model and final work
Resin replicas or artistic bronze casting of the model and final work

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