Design Week 2023 at Casa Fage

"The SDCR seeks, once a year, to put the spotlight on design and its impact on our daily lives. To achieve this, they bring together spaces and content from the industry, entrepreneurships and independent initiatives, all focused on making design and creativity in an extraordinary way during this week."

This year we are part of this network of creative spaces and it is an honor for us to share the following experiences with you:

  • Open Studio: Lost Wax: Bronze as a Design Element
    Guided visit to the only artistic bronze casting workshop in Costa Rica, with more than 30 years working with national and international artists. The lost wax casting technique is an ancient technique that is used for the creation of utilitarian, industrial and artistic objects. In our specific case, we specialize in the creation of bronze sculptures, however, the line between art and design is very thin, so using this technique to create high-quality, high-value design objects is ideal.

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  • CASA FAGE: Art and design. Collective exhibition
    The exhibition combines the art and design that has been created at Casa Fage by the Fage family in recent years. Sarah, Gregory, Dustin and Anthony Fage (RIP) are emerging artists who grew up surrounded by art and design thanks to the artistic bronze casting workshop and the many national and international artists who have visited the space. Their sources of inspiration are vast and although they share the same roots, their styles and themes are completely different.

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  • Drink & Do: Creativity Workshop
    Drink & Do is an artistic experience of free creation with the aim of enjoying the creative process more than the final finish in order to experiment and unlock creativity, we will base ourselves on 4 points: search, observe, describe and create. We will use unconventional objects, tools and materials to think of other uses and transform them into something else.

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All experiences have limited space and all the information can be found in the Store - Experiences section, where you can reserve your space and make the payment.

We are located in Alajuela, 10 minutes from the Juan Santamaría Airport, in Waze CASA FAGE, we have private parking.

We are waiting for you!

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