Exhibition and Presentation of the Fanzine "Ennui Leads To Patience" by Francisco Saco

Fanzine Francisco Saco

Ennui Leads To Patience is a proposal based on the drawing of the artist and filmmaker Francisco Saco. Offered as a unified whole in the form of Post-Its© pads, Saco's project blurs the line between the art object and the functional stationery, questioning the use and meaning of each substance.

Saco broadens his artistic practice to include drawing, choosing to present the work in the form of 48 representations scattered across a conglomeration of 8 x 8 notepads. Notably, what could be considered office stationery, in the proposal de Saco is seen inverted on its head, offering the possibility of elevating said object into something much more whimsical. Despite its self-conscious nature, Ennui Leads To Patience explores the act of drawing and the subjects depicted in it with a certain sense of naivety and unabashed enthusiasm.

Francisco Saco (1983 / USA) is a filmmaker and artist , having completed his studies in the United States and the United Kingdom. His films have been shown both in Costa Rica and internationally, including Germany, Brazil, France, and Croatia, among others. His work tends to scrutinize the pitfalls and nuances of his own masculinity in conjunction with creating transgressive and experimental images to accompany his explorations. As for his more artistic practices, he has participated in collective exhibitions in Berlin, London, New York and San José. With the launch of the Ennui Leads to Patience project, Saco presents a body of work focused on pictorial representations of the meme subculture, film and pop culture, absurd invented narratives and more personal moments. This will be his first individual exhibition, held jointly at the Casa Fage Gallery in Alajuela, Costa Rica and at the Public Relations Gallery in Mexico City.

The exhibition will take place from July 2 to 8 at Casa Fage and the fanzine will be on sale during the week of the exhibition.

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