The exhibition seeks a reconnection with the classical philosophy and technique of the old masters. It explores the aspects that make us human and pursues through representation, figuration and narrative, how we can transcend and connect with the myth of all of us. The use of the word Myth is due to the fact that they were narratives that express ancestral ideas led by exceptional beings, these served as an example to bring humans to the maximum of their potential. The works seek to be timeless, this means that they can be recognized a hundred years ago or a hundred years from now. This concept comes from a desire to create a universal work. Each friend, forest or input tries to be exalted, it is not only what is represented but what could be. For example: The face of one of the models can be used to represent a hero or a god, while still being human.

Gregory Fage Hay (1991 / Costa Rica / Canada) Painter, sculptor, founder and restorer. He uses figuration and classical narrative to investigate what makes us Human. Search archetypes, symbols and dreams for elements to represent the universal work and connect with the eternal. It has always had a connection to mythology and ancient techniques from the Renaissance and Baroque. And an interest in their rescue.

Opening: Saturday February 11, 7pm

Guided tour: Saturday February 18, 1pm

Conversation with the artist: Friday, March 3, 7pm

Visits by appointment: CASA FAGE / ALAJUELA

Coordinate through WhatsApp 8706-4702

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