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pop up in Satisfactory

We moved house for a week in Satisfactory located in Barrio Escalante, to bring our art, talk and get to know them. And then visit us at Casa Fage, located in Alajuela, where it is always a pleasure to receive you at home.

During the last week of May 2022 we will be presenting our works together for the first time. These are the works of us Fage brothers or "The Fages" as we are commonly known: Sarah, Gregory and Dustin. We will also take a tour of the history and contribution to Costa Rican art of Anthony Fage through his art and the bronze artistic foundry workshop, which is the only foundry dedicated to art in Costa Rica for more than 30 years.

6 days where you will be able to appreciate paintings, sculptures and decorative objects created by us that will also be for sale. All this as part of a new phase of Casa Fage, making ourselves known as a family and individually as artists, each with their own particular style. Gregory with his oil paintings using traditional techniques to create portraits using a limited color palette. Sarah with her abstract art full of colors and dots, creating pictures with movement, leaving any landscape or sensation they wish to perceive up to their interpretation, and Dustin with a combination of techniques and themes that in some cases contradict the use of color and the story they tell. the characters you create.

We also present a series of decorative objects that Anthony M. Fage designed and created several years ago with the intention of diversifying Casa Fage, however time was not in his favor and now we as a family resume his project so that all of you can appreciate its works and exhibit them in their homes or wherever they wish to decorate a special space through utilitarian objects that stand out for their elegance.

All this is something that you will be able to experience not only those days at Satisfactory but also in our house at Casa Fage, through a guided tour where you will be able to learn about the entire process of how a sculpture is made, in the same place where we create works such as La Chola by Manuel Vargas, El Barrendero by Edgar Zuñiga, Big Foot by Idan Zareski, Monument to the Popular Dance by Leda Astorga, to mention a few, because in more than 30 years we have received with great affection national and international artists who arrive as clients and end up being friends. They saw us grow and we saw them emerge.

Casa Fage is a space for art in a place surrounded by nature, this is just a new beginning, a new stage where we open the doors of our home so that many more people can be part of this beautiful experience.

We are waiting for you!

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